8 Years

No, it's not an anniversary (we've been married 6 1/2 and together 12 1/2 for those of you keeping count).

And no, it's not how old Max (12) is or Kali (6 1/2) is.

And no, it's not how long we've had our car (3 years).

It's how long it's been since I have missed a WVU Home Football Game.

The fall before The Man and I got married, I had a Season Ticket with my mom and step-dad.

And then The Man and I started getting our Season Tickets together.

And since Aug. 2003, I have not missed a single home game.

This season is the 8th season since I moved back to WV and this weekend will be the first missed game since then.

I suppose it's for a good cause.

My brother is getting married in Texas on Sunday.

I am so excited for him and his fiance.

But it was so hard to hand those tickets off to Kate.

I know she and her husband will do us proud as they enjoy our seats.

So today, the Mountaineers play at home and I am having rehearsal for a wedding tomorrow.

But, do you know what my brother arranged?

A casual rehearsal luncheon at a place that guaranteed the WVU-UNLV game will be on the TV.

So, I won't be at the game, but I will get to watch and cheer on the 'Eers.

(And I'm not a cold, heartless, you-know-what, I'll have a post all about the wedding for tomorrow!)


  1. Have fun at the wedding! I think your team will forgive your absence. :)

  2. I suppose a wedding is a good cause for missing....but that's very cool that he's setting up the TV for all of you. I promised that same thing should our Jayhawks have made the final four in basketball during my wedding a few years ago. They didn't so all the guests made it. Some threatened not to show if we happened to advance. That's family for you!

  3. At least your have your priorities in order. ;)

    Have fun at the wedding!! :)

  4. At least they set it up so that their guests can still watch the game! One of my sisters got married the day of the UT-Alabama game: the last UT/Bama game that Bear Bryant was the coach. And, she said she didn't want radios at the reception. One of my brothers still hasn't forgiven her. He did, however, spend the reception at the car listening to the game.

  5. This post cracked me up! What a loving brother you have!