Mountaineer Monday

I hate, Hate, HATE to lose!  But worse than losing is beating yourself.  And that is what I see the Mountaineers doing in most of our losses in recent years.  If we had played our best football and the scoreboard had showed a loss, I could live with it.  Then, we would not have been the better team.  But we don't really know who the better team was on Saturday.  LSU is a worthy opponent and their special teams is a.maz.ing!

I think this is the whole source of my frustration this season.  I think it's why I've questioned our coaching (very uncharacteristic for me.  Yes, yes, yes, I did ask Rich Rod to please never ever ever call another bubble screen again, but c'mon, who didn't?) so often the past few years.  We have the athletes to be an incredible team, yet we never quite put it all together on the big stage.  As much as it pains me to say this, that is one thing Rich Rod did well (when he wasn't planning his escape to the north).

I'm ready to win not only the games we should win, but also the games we shouldn't.  I'm ready to defy the odds again.  I'm ready for exciting, game-changing plays (that go our way).

I know it's not the coaches who play the game.  They aren't the ones who fumble or drop passes or blow coverage.  But they set the tone.  They set the expectation.  They establish the game plan.  The decide who plays when.

In the grand scheme of things, the loss to LSU shouldn't cost us much.  (It has already cost us a spot in the top 25 - I did see that headline.)  We have our entire Big East Schedule ahead of us.  We should run the table.  We are the better team in every match-up.  But, we play the game for a reason.  Anything can happen on any given Saturday.  But if something doesn't change, and soon, we may just find ourselves in Charlotte at the end of December.

One thing I know for sure is this: regardless of the outcomes, I am a Mountaineer through and through.  There will never come a day when I don't love this team.  I will always take its successes and failures much too personally.  I will always hope for perfection.  I will dream of a National Championship until we earn one.  I will always be ecstatic when meeting a Mountaineer player or coach.  I am a Mountaineer.  I will step up.


  1. i'd say you may very well be right with the majority of that

  2. Hated that y'all didn't beat LSU. They are one of the teams I think are overrated this year. I'm really afraid they're going to mop the floor with UT this weekend.

  3. It's funny how fans of other teams think you should feel angry or less enthusiastic for your team when they lose. Heck, I love my team regardless because they represent the place I loved to go to school and the place I love to visit. So we don't win? Life goes on, classes are still in session, and my days go on. But on Saturdays? I have refreshed enthusiasm that they'll be great and be happy. Each week brings hope, and that's what is fun about sports.