Mountaineer Monday

I have no pictures from Saturday's 31 - 7 Mountaineer victory over the Maryland Terrapins.

I did something I've not done for a long time.

I put my camera and my phone (for the most part, there was some tweeting in the 2nd half) down and enjoyed the game without worrying about documenting it.

I started to record the pre-game performance by the band and just felt the urge to put down my camera.

It was one the best decisions I've made in a while.

The energy on Saturday was incredible, from the end of the team's warm-ups to the victory-celebrating rendition of Country Roads.

Mountaineer Field felt alive.

Thinking back on it, this week it all started for me during my walk to the field.  The Man was a few minutes behind me, so I was walking alone and I couldn't help but reflect on the many walks to Section 108 that I've made.

During the Alma Mater, tears filled my eyes as pride in being a Mountaineer filled my soul.

As the pigskin flew through the air into the arms of receiver, after receiver, after receiver, I started to believe that Mountaineer Football was returning to the level we've come to expect.

There were certainly low points in the game.  A half-back pass trick-play when we were just about to finish it that, in my humble opinion, should never have been called.  It's one of those plays that if it works, Offensive Coordinator Jeff Mullen is a genius, but it didn't, so he's not.  I just didn't like the change from the game plan (but I am glad to learn that Jock Sanders is a receiver for a reason without it costing us a win).

And when we head to Death Valley on Saturday we need to play a full 60 minutes of football - not a second half like we did last week and a first half like we did this week.

But, at the end of the day, as I contemplated a victory-inspired Facebook status, I was once again struck by the pride I felt in wearing Gold and Blue and settled on "Is proud to be a Mountaineer!".

And you know, that about sums is up.

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  1. It is nice to enjoy the game with no electronic distractions.

    I would LOVE to see someone make up a sign for Saturdays game that reads "You call this a valley? This is a drainage ditch where we come from"

  2. LOL @ Dan's comment! When we moved to SC we were told that the house we were going to look at had a hill in the front yard. It turned out to be a gentle slope!

  3. This is unrelated to your post, but I wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog! And feel free to e-mail me; I LOVE talking/brainstorming about youth ministry and Confirmation prep! complicatedlifeblog(at)gmail.com

    Hope to hear more from you! :)