Mountaineer Monday

Well, a win is a win they say.
It certainly wasn’t pretty and I won’t even call it a moral victory.
I did, however, see one thing player that gave me hope – Geno Smith.
He kept his cool.  He took the game into his own hands feet and ran like we didn’t think he could.
And, most importantly, Geno Smith became the leader this team needed.
Though Smith is the starting QB, it was expected that a man named Devine, or maybe his buddy Sanders would step up  and be the leader of this team.  They have been the leaders of the practice field.  But on this Friday night, it was Geno who became the leader.  He kept his cool when everyone was depending on him to do it, but frankly shouldn’t have expected it and he led his team to victory.  Maybe it was the Friday night game.  I’ve heard he was quite the leader in high school.  Maybe he just needed a reminder that this is still football, just on a bigger stage.  Whatever it was, Geno showed why he is our starting QB.
I’m usually a positive, supportive-of-the-coaching-staff kinda girl, but I’m done watching us run the same plays over and over and over again.  Doc Holiday knew it was gonna happen, and that’s what gave Marshall the lead.  Sure, we changed things up and came out with a win, but against a more worthy opponent on a more College-footballish Saturday, we will not get so lucky.
Whether it’s getting rid of Mullen, Stewart, or the 0-line coach (bonus points to the person whose not too lazy to look it up), or changing who calls the plays, I don’t pretend to know what the answer is.  That’s what we have a new AD for; Mr. Luck, are you listening?  It is time that our offense starting playing to their level, not the level of their opponent.  It’s time our O-line starting doing their job, their ONLY job, and protected Geno.  Or else, this season is about to get longer.  Much.  Longer.
But a win is a win.  And this is one Mountaineer fan who will take an ugly W over any kind of L any day.
What were your highs and lows from Friday’s game?
And because I’m late today, I can’t let this be published without commenting on Brandon Hogan.
I saw a tweet that broke my gold and blue heart today:  @mikecasazza tweeted:  ”Not that people can’t have fun, but mood @ WVU is one where some are willing to sacrifice what others call fun for good of themselves & team”.  That’s NOT what being a Mountaineer is about and the fact that this is the impression being given of our football team is unacceptable.  If this is the atmosphere created by Coach Stewart, then I will be the first in line to say it’s time for him to go.  The good of the TEAM is what should come first – that’s the honor of donning that uniform every week.  Just ask the guy who didn’t make the cut.
To Brandon Hogan I say:  if you have a problem, get help.  I sincerely mean this.  If you are just selfish and think you are invincible, you’re about to find out that’s not the case because come Saturday you’ll be sitting in the student section – that is if you are still a WVU student.  I am disappointed in you, but I am equally disappointed in the atmosphere that has allowed you to make this choice.  Finally, you better say a prayer of thanks that it was the Morgantown PD that stopped you and not another car that you crashed into.  This day was not a great day to be a Mountaineer.
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  1. I have to ask: Do you listen to the sportstalk shows? I've been listening to one of them in K-town. I'm amazed that people can talk so much about Vol football. I'm a fan, but I do have a life! They're even talking about Dooley showing the guys how to properly shower! (due to a player with a staff infection)

  2. We watched the game on Friday and were also in shock at how poorly your offensive line was doing. What happened? Do you think the Marshall momentum had anything to do with the lady who came to her first game in 40 years after her husband died in the plane crash? Sometimes emotional things like that can really elevate the spirit of a team. WVU got very lucky on that missed FG, though. Hope the rest of your season comes together better. We also had a nail biter with Michigan v. Notre Dame this weekend. YIKES - that was a close one, too!

  3. I get lost when it comes to football. Glad your having fun! FOUR! Ah, that's not football. ;)