Labor Day

It has turned into a reason to have a picnic.  It marks the unofficial end of summer and the start of Football Season, ahem, Autumn.  It's celebrated on the first Monday in September and is one of the coveted 3-day weekends in the American Worker's schedule.

But what is Labor Day all about to begin with?

It started as a holiday established by the Labor Unions in the late 1800's.  It has grown into a National Holiday.

So, today, while you wash your hot dog down with an adult beverage, think about those who brought this holiday about.  The workers on whose sweat the advances of this country are built.  Then, this week, when you get annoyed by the slow check-out person at the grocery store, impatient with the coal truck on the road, or frustrated with your child's child care provider, take a minute to remember that without their service, your life would be that much more challenging.  And, instead of getting annoyed, impatient, or frustrated, take a moment to be grateful.  Say thank-you.  And smile.  Today we recognize those whose jobs are often thankless, but without whom we'd live a very different life.

Where is Mountaineer Monday?
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  1. What a thoughtful post. :) I'm a week late, but I'll say extra thank yous this week to be sure I remember.

    However, I realize that I do think to thank quite a bit. Just tonight, I was in Pizza Hut, waiting in line. A lady paying for her order was asked if she wanted cheese and peppers. She responded, "Yes." In my mind, without thinking, I silently said "thank you. YES THANK YOU." as if I were instructing my child who forgot to add the thank you. I try and teach them to say yes thank you and no thank you, not just yes or no. I get sad when adults don't give one another this same respect.