What Has God Done for You Lately?

Answering that question is the homework that was assigned to us during Mass today by our Priest.  On Assumption Sunday, Fr. Mark spoke about how Mary said "Yes" to God.  He asked us to consider whether we say "yes" to God and if we remain steadfast in our "yes".

He then asked us to consider, just what has God done for us lately; the enormous gifts He has bestowed upon us.

So, what has God done for me lately?

  1. He has blessed me with friends and family.
  2. He has put challenges in my life that have forced me to grow, learn, and love.
  3. He has shown me that the right thing isn't always easy, but it's still the right thing.
  4. He has deepened my Faith in Him in ways that I wouldn't have requested, but wouldn't change either.
  5. He has brought people into my life who I can be real with without feeling judged.
So, what has God done for you lately?


  1. This is a great challenge! Lately, God has blessed my DH with a new job which is huge since he has been unhappy in his current job for 4 years!
    He has given us two beautiful children who were incredible sources of comfort as we recently went through a miscarriage which ended in a molar pregnancy. God has given me incredible peace during this difficult time, and He has carved out a part of my heart that is able to find joy in suffering.
    God is so good always!

  2. Great question! Just to keep it simple, I would say He has been there.