Politics & Religion: Can of Worms-Guest Post Style

What is a Can of Worms post?

This week I'm doing something a little different.  I've invited four friends (3 of whom I truly hope to meet IRL someday) to guest post on a topic that I have an opinion about, but I know I could never truly get it out intelligently.

So, this week you will be treated to not one or two, but four guest posts on the topic of Politics and Religion (specifically the Catholic Religion).  To keep it balanced, there will be two left-leaning and two right-leaning posts and I've drawn names from a hat to determine the order.

First up, on Tuesday, will be Leila from Little Catholic Bubble; second, on Wednesday, will be Kate from Just Call Me Kate; third, on Thursday, will be Michelle from Musings of a Cathlic Lady; and fourth, on Friday, will be Sarah from Fumbling Towards Grace.

I didn't give these ladies a whole lot of direction on purpose, so you will get four great points of view on this topic.  Ladies, thank-you so much for indulging me and helping to open this Can of Worms!

(Comments are closed on this post to get us ready for the rest of the week).

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