Mountaineer Monday

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It's one of my favorite days of the year.  I never know exactly which day of the year it's going to be, but I know without a doubt that it will be.  It is the day that I get these:

On Friday, when I got them, I may or may not have (who am I kidding?) jumped up and down in a circle while squealing.  It means that soon, very soon, I will be settling in to my familiar spot waiting for The Pride of West Virginia to take the field for the pre-game show.

If I thought there were unknowns last season, I should've realized just how much worse it would be this year.

I wonder how an untested, young Quarterback will do.  And what about his offensive line?  He doesn't have the ability to run for his life scramble the way that Jarrett Brown and Pat White did.

And what about the defense?  They should be the least of the team's problems as they are the most experienced unit.  But will that experience translate to leadership?

And Noel Devine and Jock Sanders?  It sounds like they are both stepping up as leaders, but do those around them have the talent needed to allow this dynamic duo to shine?

And coaching?  We have a new Special Teams Coach (FINALLY!), but how will he gel with the rest of the coaching staff?  And what about the loss of Doc Holliday to Marshall?  Will we lose to our instate foe?  I can't even consider it....

I'm sure these are all questions any team faces just before the season starts, but they weigh heavily on me this year.  The energy of Mountaineer Football was different last year, and I wonder if we've learned our lesson and will be truly ready to contend this year?  The reports coming out of Camp indicate that, yes, we are setting our sights on a (at least) 10-win season and a Big East Championship.  I am anxious to see if this talk translates to the field.  If the energy is back where it needs to be for a Big Time Football program.

Less than six days until the first answers come.

Less than six days until it's time to go hard or go home.

Less than six days...

Let's GOOOOOOOOOO Mountaineers!


  1. Woo-Hoo! It's almost Football Time in Tennessee!

  2. I second the Woohoo! ARE YOU READY FOR FOOTBALL???

  3. I remember how I felt when I would get my football tickets. We haven't gotten the package the last few years just because there are too many kids to haul around the stadium, but hopefully again next year or the following....we'll see. :) In the meantime, I'll enjoy some free tickets this Saturday! Enjoy yourself.