Mountaineer Monday

It wasn't until last fall that I finally realized what it is about Morgantown that I missed so much when we lived elsewhere.  And it was today, that I was reminded.

Last September marked one year of being back 'home'.  And as the traffic, lines at the grocery store, and people increased in late August, I felt the energy that comes with the end of summer in a College Town.

Morgantown has a life to it.  And until you've been here to experience all four seasons, it's hard to feel the energy.  And when you aren't here to experience it, it's hard to describe just what it is that makes this little town so special.

The energy is visible in moving trucks, people driving the wrong way on one way streets, and of course the traffic.  It's the excitement of knowing Football is right around the corner and the calm of 4 friends relaxing on a porch enjoying the last of summer.  It's the gold and blue starting to appear everywhere in town, like flowers bloom in the spring.  It's the restaurants that swell with parents and students out for one last meal together before the semester begins.  It's also the quiet peace of Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Breaks, when almost all of the students leave and our small town is just that, a small town.  It's the busy, yet calm, relaxed summer that blends college students and 'townies' almost seamlessly.  It's the "Welcome Back WVU Students" signs and the "Congratulations Graduates" signs across town that mark the start and end of each school year.

When The Man and I moved to Martinsburg, WV 7 years ago, we did so excited and expecting it to be a lot like Morgantown - a small, but growing, town with lots of young people and lots to do.  We couldn't have been more wrong.

When people asked us what it was that we didn't like about Martinsburg, it was hard to pinpoint.  I had lots of things that I didn't like, but nothing seemed to really be 'it'.

Last fall, at the end of our first full year back, I discovered 'it'.  And today, as I drove through town, I was reminded.  Let's Bring on the Mountaineers is usually reserved for the start of a sporting event at WVU, but today I say "Let's Bring on the Mountaineers" and wake this town I love from it's quiet, peaceful hibernation.


  1. We're getting ready for the student invasion, too. As much as I enjoy having it quiet, little traffic and not having to wait in lines at restaurants during the summer, it is always invigorating to have them back. I'm not sure I would know what to do in a non-college town, now!

  2. Oh I feel the exact same way about my college town!!! Where we live now is a place we knew we didn't want to stay, but the buzz of the college town where we both previously lived always drives me to it. I LURVE IT! :)

  3. I love the energy that comes from a town built with character! Makes me miss my little home town, too. :-)

  4. There is just no place like home!!