Tuesday Tales

  • This started out as Tuesday Tidbits, but they are a little more than just Tidbits.

  Would you please say a prayer for my Nan?  She had a minor, supposed-to-be-an-outpatient-surgery, on Thursday and she is still in the hospital.  She had complications during the surgery; while coming out of the anesthesia; and continues to have an unexplained fever.  The fever is accompanied by some confusion and poor coordination.  She is 81 years old and I've made her promise me another 19 good years.  If you will please pray specifically for the doctors to find the cause of the fever and for it to be treated.  I had never set foot in a hospital chapel before yesterday, I'm glad I did, but I don't want to have a need to do it again anytime soon.

  I promise there will be some good news here, but I have another prayer request.  The Man's good friend Corey's mother passed away unexpectedly last night.  She has been in poor health, but there was nothing to indicate she would leave this world just yet.  My heart breaks for him and his family.  Please keep them in your prayers as well.

  Well, my mom knows that The Man and I use NFP.  I know, to many of you that probably seems like a good thing.  Let's just say that her first comment (after asking if I take my temperature every morning) was (with a smile):  "I'm going to break your thermometer."  (Yes, she's a bit grand-baby crazy.)  And when I said "I wish I'd known there was a reliable alternative to birth control AND I wish I'd known the reasons the Catholic Church was opposed to birth control pills" her expression was not one of understanding.  In fact I do believe there was a scoff on the later portion of my statement.  I struggle with this relationship.

  I hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July.  Ours was very busy!  A picnic with Kate and kiddos, followed up by a cookout at my step-grandparents, and finished off with a dinner cookout at my in-laws.  We moved back to Morgantown almost 2 years ago to be close to our families, and it is days like Sunday that remind us of this.  Before moving, the picnic with friends would have been cut out and one family event also would have been cut out.  We are so grateful to be 'home'.

  And because I'm totally random...In Back to the Future, when Doc set the Delorian Time Machine's clock to 25 years in the future, he set it to July 5, 2010.  Yesterday.  All I wanna know is where is my flying car?


  1. Oh, friend. When I read your first "tidbit" about your Nan my eyes just welled up with tears for you. I know how special that relationship is, and I am praying specifically for 19 more good years. And for the Man's friend. How heart-breaking to lose loved ones, but to lose them unexpectedly must be so much worse. Praying.

    And the Back to the Future thing... totally freaked me out yesterday. It just seemed to weird to be living in that imagined future. :)

  2. First: I will pray for you and your Nan. I am very close with my nana as well (even though not in proximity...mostly in our hearts) and my heart aches for the day she might leave us. Prayers...prayers and more prayers, my friend.

    Second: Prayers for your friend, too. even though I do not have a strong relationship with my mother, I still can't really imagine her being gone.

    Third: Prayers for you and your mother. The mother-daughter relationship is so complex...I struggle with my own. Fortunately the issue surrounding NFP is not a problem, but the catholic church in other matters is. I feel for you.

    Fourth: OUr weekend was busy! I sent my oldest off into the world (on a plane by herself to see her Grandad/Gammer) and we had a couple of picnics and playdates with the others. Good fun!

    Fifth: That is so funny...I haven't watched those movies in a long time...

  3. It's amazing that you knew about the Back to the Future date. Okay, freaked me out a little, but amazing just the same! :D
    Your #4 is exactly the same reason I wanted to move back home after living away for 20 years.
    Prayers are going out for your friend and Nana.

  4. I just want you to know that I'm thinking about you. Sara sends lots of hugs and kisses to her "Aunt" Rebecca. I'm praying for Nan that she is better soon. I'm sorry for your friend's loss. I cannot imagine losing my mother.

    Speaking of mothers, you know the saying, "Men: you can't live them, you can't live without them." Well, I think this goes for mothers too. I pray that you continue to have the strength and dignity to further develop your relationship with your mom, not an easy task.

    Oh, and I have to laugh at your last comment about Back to the Future! What made you think of that?

  5. Instead of tidbits, you can call them tadbits. :) I hope that all ends up well with your Nan. It's a very disorienting feeling when our mortality starts to really stare us in the face, as we are now adults. I hope that you're doing okay and coping with The Man's support. That goes for all things listed...well, minus the flying car. Although I would enjoy one myself.

  6. My MIl (who is non-Catholic) just nods and smiles whenever we talk about NFP. I guess its better than a confrontation. :)

    Will pray for your nan.