The Present

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my Faith Story (as asked to by Leila).

This evening, while talking with The Man, I described it this way, and it just seemed to explain it perfectly (to me anyway).

My Catholic Faith was a gift or a present.

It was given to me when I was very young.

It was in a big box, with great wrapping paper, and a beautiful bow on top.

But it was set off to the side of the room.

When I asked...

Could I have the present?
What was in the present?
Tell me about the present?
Why did I get the present?

I was told...
You already have the present.
You know what's in the present.
It's a present.
Because I said so.

And then, recently, I was finally handed took the present and ripped it open.

And now, I am learning about the present.  What it is.  What it means.  Why it is special.

And, while I wish I'd been allowed to have the present to touch and feel and learn earlier, I am forever grateful for it.


  1. What a perfect description!!! So very true! I love it!

  2. Is it possible the gift giver didn't really understand what the present was, either? I know there have been times I've given my son a video game and if he ever took the time to ask his mother what it was, how it was played, what the object of the game WAS....he'd have gotten the "it's a game because I said so" response. Maybe....the gift giver didn't quite understand the workings of the gift, they just gave it because that's what they thought they should do??

    Just a thought....

    Happy Wednesday. :)

  3. I've often thought of my faith as a credit card. You have it in your hands, but you can't do anything until you take the initiative to call the phone number to activate it! It took me a loong loong loooooong time to "call that number."