NFP Awareness Week

NFP - that's Natural Family Planning.  And no, it's not the Rhythm Method.  Not even close.

It was this week last year that I first learned what NFP is through reading many of your blogs.  I feel so blessed to be a part of the 'club' this year.

I go through phases where I start to get very angry though.

Angry that no one taught me NFP.
Angry that when girls are taught about their cycle in high school that they are not taught how it really works.  That we are left to think that every cycle is 28 days and on day 14 we ovulate.  It's no wonder there are pregnant teenagers out there who really don't understand how they got pregnant.
Angry that the horrific side effects of the pill are printed in tiny print using medical jargon on a piece of paper no one (not even me, and I read everything) reads.  And those who do read it, how many actually understand what it's telling you?
Angry at all of the other side effects of the pill.  And frankly scared to death at which ones might catch up with me.
Angry that in Catholic Marriage Prep classes, the words Natural Family Planning were never uttered.

And so today, I'm writing to hopefully let someone whose reading this know that there is another reliable option.  There is a way to honor your fertility and postpone pregnancy.  I always see the bright side of things, and the bright side of this is that I did learn about NFP.  And that maybe, just maybe, one person will read this and it will make them think about the choices they are making and seek out a better way.

We are worth it.


  1. I am so with you!

    I am planning to do a post or two this week around this topic, too! How fun!!!

  2. Great post! I am sorry that you didn't get to learn about NFP earlier (I think most places really need to improve marriage prep!) but glad that you're doing such a good job of sharing your knowledge with others!

  3. Bravo!! This is a wonderful post, and I am so grateful that you wrote it. God has worked wonders in both our lives on this issue. :)

  4. You go girl! I'm so glad you discovered NFP and the good effects it has on your soul, your body, and your marriage.

    I'm planning on giving "Taking Charge of your Fertility" as a wedding gift to every woman I know who is getting married. ;)

  5. Sarah took the words right out of my mouth- You go girl! I'm so happy you are part of the "club" and good for you for promoting it! I have many of the same frustrations as you do!

  6. Amen. Although we didn't use NFP completely the way you're suppose to, it taught me enough about my body to know what's going on.

  7. I'm happy that you and Michelle have both found what works for you. Keep the anger away, and keep finding the positive effects that changes in life can make. :) There's nothing you can do about what happened, but making a change for someone else in your future is what you are about, now. You'll be a strong voice for someone...probably many. You could probably stop to probe your church and see about getting discussions started and reach out to teach and learn with others who don't know.


    Happy Monday friend.

  8. Wow.... I actually don't know what this is, so I need to read your links! I thought NFP was the rhythm method.....
    I quit BCP a few months ago because I was sick of shrugging off the side effects.