Mountaineer Monday

I can't believe there are less than 40 days until the season starts (which means WAY less days until camp opens and the real news starts).  I'm a little nervous about just how this season is going to.  Defensively, we should be really good.  We have a lot of experience coming back and our 3-3-5 stack defense always gives opposing teams a tough time just in its design.  Offensively, with the return of Jock Sanders and Noel Devine we certainly have the weapons.  The key to it all will be our Quarterback.  Isn't that always the case?

Last year, we had a QB with a familiar name who had played well in many back-up situations.  But we learned that just because someone has worn the old gold 'n blue for four years, it doesn't mean they are game tested and ready.  Don't get me wrong, Jarrett Brown did an amazing job, I just wish he'd had another year at least.  I think he could've been something special.  This year, we know what we are getting.  Talent will be crucial because experience is something our QB just won't have.  It looks like Geno Smith (finally recovered from off-season foot surgery) will be the man under Center, but rumor has it the two freshman QB's coming in should push him and maybe even give him a run for his money.  Not that I want to see Geno lose his job, but I would like him to feel just unsure enough with his position to work that much harder to ensure he keeps it.

All of the off-season talk about team building, effort, heart, and unity sounds great.  I'm hearing all the right words:  committed, leadership, pride.  Now, I'm ready to see if the team is ready to walk the walk.  Last year I wrote (on numerous occasions I think) that there just seemed to be something missing.  Whether it was a desire to win (rather than a desire to not lose) or a lowering of standards (to go to any bowl game vs. a BCS bowl game), I don't really care.  I just want to see it fixed.  A few years ago, WVU fans were abuzz with talk of the first National Championship for a Mountaineer football team.  I'm ready for that buzz to come back.  WVU has played football since Nov. 28, 1891, we've paid our dues. It. is. time.


  1. LOVE football season! UT is picked to finish next to last in the SEC East...sure do hope they're wrong! Derek Dooley said something along the lines of "when we come running out of the T for the first time, there are going to be a lot of us with diapers on (meaning the team is really young). I just don't hope we pee ourselves!"
    I really, really like him...nice southern boy raised in the SEC! Sure hope he can bring it!

  2. It's too bad that we're in totally different conferences. It'd made these Mondays a lot more fun to talk football together. LOL Instead, we're going to have to ensure you become a basketball fan...the national scene for bball is a lot better for discussion purposes. :)

    Instead, I will root for your team because I can. While our first year head coach gets off to hopefully a GREAT start. Time will tell!