Intentions. Or not.

Ha, so when I wrote my post on Thursday, I didn't intend to disappear for a few days.

I did intend to take Kali to the vet on Friday afternoon to see if we could find out why she is half bald and scratching and miserable.  I did not intend to get a $300 bill (and I'm quite sure Kali did not intend to get a scratch test and full blood panel done).  I am grateful for an awesome vet who offers payment plans.  I am also grateful for antibiotics and steroids, as Kali is feeling much better.  Kali, by the way, is awesome.  She takes her pills happily without any fight.

I did also intend to go spend the weekend with my Nan.  She is doing much better and I thank you all so much for the prayers.  It turns out she did have pneumonia and, as you know, what was intended to be a simple same-day procedure, did not turn out so.  We had two goals for the weekend:  1)  teach me how to make pizelles and 2) go to Glen's for the best. ice cream frozen custard. ever.  Both goals were met, along with some delicious, comfort food, good conversation and many laughs.  I also love hearing my Nan (81-years old) talk about the 'old ladies' (who are 90) and how she needs to start 'working out' because her legs are getting weak.

I did intend to write my first Mountaineer Monday post, but I did not intend to have a totally screwed up internet connection (due completely to user error).  So instead, you are getting this.  A jumble of nothing, about what I intended to do.  And now, I intend to catch up on everything I've missed from you all in the last few days.  And that is one intention, I'm going to complete!


  1. I am glad that you were able to spend time with your Nan! And I like reading about your intentions. :-)

  2. Those unintentional things just sort of creep up on us. Sorry about the vet bill...must be the season. My mom had an unexpected bill herself. I'm glad that you got in some good time with Nan though! :) Happy Tuesday.

  3. Hi Rebecca! Thanks for commenting on my blog - I appreciate your insights! I too love spending time with my Grandma - she cracks me up. She is 82 and I hope I am as spunky at that age as she is! I read your bankruptcy post and am inspired by your honesty and courage. God Bless you and have a great rest of the week! -Marie

  4. Things happen. I have to use a library computer and I never intended that. Oh well. Hope they find out, and cure what ever is wrong with your dog. Nice of the vet to have a payment plan.

  5. glad to hear that kali and your nan are both doing better. thanks so much for your kind words about our sadie dog. hugs!!