In Which I Rant

West Virginia

Not Western Virginia

West Virginia

Did you know it's a state?

We even have our own capital (and it's not Richmond).

Please excuse me, I have misplaced my rose-colored glasses and I'm not seeing anything good right now.

In Senator Byrd, I see a man who changed the lives of millions, did a 180 on his positions as he matured and learned, often stood alone in his determination to stand by his principals, and served the US government longer than anyone.

And yet, his final trip to the senate and his final trip home to WV are not newsworthy enough to put on TV.

Now, if some unknown footage of him using a racial slur had been uncovered, that's ALL that would be on the news.

When another long-time senator, with a checkered past as well I might add, died, it was all that was on the news.

Today, there is nothing.

Yet their votes, they counted the same.  Each was 1.

His state has 2 votes.  Our state has 2 votes.

And yet, when it is time to honor Senator Byrd it becomes clear that he doesn't have the right last name and isn't from the right state.

And that is the tragedy of it all.

The rest of America may forget and ignore, but this West Virginian will remember.

And when I see a building named "The Robert C. Byrd", I will smile and be proud that someone stood up and fought for us.

It's just a shame, that no one is standing up and remembering him they way he deserves.

Again, as a proud West Virginian, I say Thank-you Senator Byrd.  Thank-you.


  1. I know what you mean, but remember, it is the liberal media, and they do have an agenda, and clearly a man like Sen Byrd, who really knew his bible, doesn't fit their need. Take it as a compliment...They don't make them like Byrd anymore. I may not stand on the same side of the political isle as he did, but I do respect him, and his life.

  2. i just wanted to let you know that on the way to work this morning, on the radio in texas, i heard a story about his passing and ceremony. and i thought of you. and i'm sure many others in texas are as well :)

  3. It is on the radio, but you're totally right. Wrong last name, and not enough scandal.

  4. Our local news had a snippet on last night, but not much. I'm with you...how did Teddy get all the media attention and Sen. Byrd get very little?

  5. Yes... what Kristen said. My hubby works in politics and we've discussed this very thing; how I didn't even know Byrd had died until the day after. So sad. Thank you for speaking up.