Funny Moments on the NFP Path

The following statements may or may not have been heard (and laughed about) in our home since we started talking about NFP:

"Well, we'll just never have sex again then."

"There's a difference between mucous and secretions?"

"No, we are not having pre-ovulation sex.  That's too advanced for me."

"Can't you just take my temperature without waking me up?"

"Would you say this is stretchy?"  Reply:  silence

"How 'reliable' is 'reliably infertile'?"

"Just email Allison one more time."  Reply:  "She's gonna think we're incompetent."  Reply:  "Maybe one of us is."

"Why do our wedding anniversary and my birthday have to be so close together?"

"I think I'm advanced enough now"

"God better not be laughing at us."


  1. God might not have been laughing, but is it okay if we do.....if you keep posting things like this? LOL Thanks for sharing the fun part of a serious life changing event. :)

  2. HA! too funny. seriously though, email me when you have questions! or call. you are not incompetent!

  3. So very funny. Though I almost choked when I misread Alison's comment and thought she was saying that you could call her because you *are* incompetent.

  4. Matt & I have had the "Is this stretchy?" convo before! *L*

    And I call it The Trifecta if mucus is stretchy, clear, AND slippery.... now all I have to say is, "Sorry, dear - we got The Trifecta today!"

  5. Don says we should save the potty chair for the next grandchild. I said, "well, when will that be?" After he read your post, he said " there's your answer". We know that God gives us children in His time and it's not always up to us. I think you would both be awesome parents but if it's meant to be, it will happen and you will accept God's will.
    You are brave to post these thoughtful comments.

  6. Hahahaha! These are hilarious!

  7. Knowing you and The Man made this post even funnier! Great post ;)

  8. Those are pretty funny! Keep writing them down!

  9. Knowing you and Cliff, I enjoyed reading your post! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the laugh! Keep them coming!

  10. I just found your blog, and what a doozy of a post this was!! Love it! Esp. the anniversary/birthday reference. We are always extra careful around Christmas now, since 2 of our children were born 9 months later :)

  11. LOL...love it great sense of humor(s)

  12. lol this is too funny "No, we are not having pre-ovulation sex. That's too advanced for me"