Friday Fragments

1.  Thank-you for the prayers for my Nan.  As I write this, she is doing much better but is still in the hospital.  It turns out the mega-antibiotics she was on weren't needed because she had pneumonia and antibiotics don't work on pneumonia.  However, they worked really well on all the good bacteria in her stomach and now she has an infection from bad bacteria.  So, she is on a different antibiotic to kill the bad bacteria.  Oh, and the {stupid} resident told her (and us) that she would be going home yesterday (the same {stupid} resident who told her (and us) she would get to go home on Tuesday).  But, it gets better, the {stupid} resident, upon learning from her doctor that she would not be going home yesterday did NOT bother to tell Nan that she would not be going home.  In fact, the {stupid} resident didn't tell anyone until my mom (getting ready to make the hour and 45 minute drive) called the nurses station (because she couldn't get through to my Nan's room) to please help Nan get read to go.  It was then that the nurse told my mom.  So, Nan might get to go home tomorrow, maybe.  So, if you would please pray that she is well enough to go home soon and that the {stupid} resident learns some patient communication techniques.  Feel free to keep the {stupid} in there as I'm sure it will help God to know exactly who you are praying for.  Ha!

2.  Clearly I have lost my perspective, sense of humor, and rose-colored glasses on this whole situation with my Nan.  Obviously the {stupid} resident is not literally stupid, I just don't think he's seeing my Nan as a person with feelings.  She is just a patient, one of many he is seeing in a day, and to him she is a job.  I sincerely pray that he will learn from this and be cautious about what he tells patients and their families in the future.

3.  This will be our 3rd Sunday with our new Priest.  So far, I really like him.  Last Sunday was his Installation.  I had never attended a Priest's Installation before.  It was a simple, yet appropriate ceremony during Mass last week.  One particularly symbolic piece that I liked was that Monsignor Annie (our Bishop's designee) started the Mass, and once Father Mark was Installed, he took over and celebrated the Eucharist.

4.  As fair warning to those of you who are not Mountaineer fans, or at the very least football-in-general fans, football season is finally getting close!  (Less than 58 days!!!!!!)  I have decided that I will have Mountaineer Mondays in which I recap the previous weekend's game and preview the upcoming game.  On off-weeks, I may include other WVU, yet non-football related, information that  you can't live without I feel is important to document.

5.  Do any of you come up with ideas for your Quick Takes as the week goes on and create a draft post with snippets to remind yourself what you want to write?  No?  Oh, ok, me neither then!

6.  Two of my fragment snippets are actually better as posts of their own, so now I only have 5.  Well, 6 now because I wrote this one.  See how smart I am?

7.  A few weeks ago, I asked what to make for dessert and Sarah suggested a no-bake strawberry pie.  I made 2; one with strawberries and blueberries and one with raspberries and blackberries.  Here's how the raspberry/blackberry one turned out:

Have a great weekend!  For more Quick Takes, please visit Jen!


  1. Yum! I want that pie!

    I can't tell you how excited I am about the return of football. I'm from Texas and Oklahoma. Football isn't a just a sport, and Sooner football is close to being a religion.

  2. I'll be praying that your Nan is well enough to go home soon!!

    I like football a lot, but now that I'm living in different region, it may be hard to get games of teams I'm interested in.

    Also, that pie looks amazing!

  3. that pie looks delicious! can I have the recipe? Oh, and I'm praying that Nan gets to go home real soon!

  4. I certainly hope y'all have talked to the stupid's supervisor. The pie looks great!
    Can't wait for football season! UT's players can't seem to stay out of trouble, though. Guess it's a good thing the head coach is an attorney!

  5. Well, if the resident isn't "stupid" then he at least has a lot to learn about what it means to be a good doctor. I hope that things worked out and your Nan is home!

  6. I know I'm late to Friday, but still worth reading. :) Nan went home...right???

    Pie. I think I want pie. Or cake. I had brownies last week. I need food.

    I think it's interesting that both you and Michelle are going through priest transitions at the same time. Or is that normal? I don't know. It'll be fun to follow along on how you two get acquainted with them.

    Happy Monday!

  7. God bless Nan! And God bless your new priest!

    And can I have some pie???