Thank-you, Senator Byrd

I pride myself on working to create a better future for West Virginia and our nation.
November 20, 1917 ~ June 28, 2010

From one proud West Virginian, thank-you.  So.  Very.  Much.
I pray for your soul, that you may rest in peace.


  1. I love your heart, friend!

  2. He is proof positive that you can change your prejudices and past beliefs!

  3. His story was certainly an interesting one....full circle American, if you will.

  4. i feel almost as if a grandpa has passed away, ya know? he did wv proud and we were very lucky to have him as our senator for so very long.

    thanks for your comment on my blog. i know cliff & i are way behind on trades. i've been so busy recently that i've forgotten all about it lol. we'll catch up soon. you can tell him i'm official now ;) hugs to you both!!