The Fountain

I found a parking spot on Hall Greer Blvd, just on the outside of Marshall University.

The quarter clinked into the meter as it told me I would have 1 hour.

I followed the sidewalk that led between the Science Building and the Morrow Library; I hoped I'd parked somewhere near the center of campus.

As I cleared the buildings, I heard the calm silence of a small University campus in the summer.

I heard the water, too.

The water that shouldn't be there; that shouldn't have to remind what it reminds.

As I crested the (very) small hill, I saw the fountain.

And I felt the tears on my cheeks.

As I took pictures and listened, a student walked by and said to the friend on the other end of the phone "see you at the fountain."

The fountain that reminds Marshall University what was lost; and what a community does to heal.

When my hour was up, I walked away, pausing as I began to pass between the buildings for one last moment to listen.

(If you haven't, grab your tissues and watch We Are Marshall.  It's a football movie, that's not really about football at all.)


  1. Glad you got a chance to visit the fountain. Sorry that it has to remind what it reminds. But nice to know it's there to make sure people don't forget.

  2. "We Are Marshall" is a great movie. Sad yet moving.

    On a completely different note, the picture of your dog in your header? Looks just like mine. Except for the snow. Don't get much of that here.

  3. That was a very touching movie. It's nice the fountain is there- all life is precious.