I just don't know that I can put it better than I did last year.

But as I sit here waiting for The Man to get home (we're having wings and beer at home tonight), I can't help but document this day.

Sure, it's not our wedding anniversary, but it's the day that 'we' started.

I had no idea that night would be the start of this amazing journey.

I do know, tonight, that I am glad it was.

And as we typically do, I am glad we will take a moment to document that night.

We don't buy gifts.  We don't get dressed up.  We don't eat out at a fancy restaurant.

We are just us.  And we are happy.


  1. What a great way to end the day! Sometimes just staying in is the best!

  2. :) My husband and I have always sort of disagreed when "we" started, but we do recognize it as well. Both days. Hee hee. Usually by arguing with the other that it's NOT that day, or that IT IS. We do that well....argue that is.

    I hope that you and your hubby enjoy one another for another great year!

  3. Enjoy being just you! It's so much fun.

    We don't remember the actual day we started dating...it was fuzzy for me because I had a death in the family around the same time along with some other trauma, so we stick with the Wedding Anniversary.

    Wings and beer....mmmmmmm

  4. Aww...this is a sweet post! I know the exact day my hubby and I started dating... I even know the general time! (I had snuck in his dorm after hours...soooo... :-))

  5. That's so sweet. :) I wish you many more years of happiness together, while indulging in wings and beer (yum). :D

  6. Well, happy April 13th! :) This is a sweet post, and I liked your link from last year, too.

  7. Oh, and this makes me so happy, too. I'm so glad y'all started. :)

  8. This is such a wonderfully happy post, and I loved the one from last year. Congrats!