For Tonight, 4/5/10

For Today Tonight, April 5, 2010...A glimpse into my day, just an ordinary day.

Outside my window...crickets!  Yes, crickets!  Spring has finally sprung!

I am thinking...that I would like everyone who reads to say a prayer for the victims of and all those affected by the mine explosion in Raleigh County, WV.

I am thankful for...being a West Virginian.

From the kitchen...leftovers.  Buffalo chicken dip, nom nom nom.

I am wearing...pajamas.  (Don't judge, I went for a run and already took my shower.)

I am creating...a very large, time-consuming powerpoint for work.

I am going...nowhere.  Unless of course The Man reads this and suggests we use our Cold Stone gift card.  Now, that, I would get re-dressed for!

I am reading...The Postmistress.  On my blackberry, via the Kobo app.

I am hearing...Crickets!

Around the house...a kitty cat in a box, a puppy on her bed, and The Man doing homework.

One of my favorite things...S.P.R.I.N.G!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week...laundry and exercise.

Here is a picture thought I'm sharing...

No matter what you may want to say about Coach Huggins, he cares about his players.  The photo is from the New York Times College Sports Blog and accompanies a great article.


  1. I love your life glimpses. :) Buffalo Dip? How soon can you get here?

  2. I love these too! Cold Stone... mm, yes please :) Thanks for the encouragement on my blog post from today; you are very right!

  3. Buffalo dip is awesome! I can't wait until I can have it again....in moderation, of course. ;)

    We watched that game on Saturday. When the coach got down on the floor next to De'Sean, both my husband and I were silent with emotion. Coach Huggins just wowed us both with his compassion. A truly beautiful moment.

  4. Crickets? Oh, how wonderful. I have not heard them yet. I do hear the birds, though...and they are lovely. I will never get enough of that...

    The buffalo chicken dip? Wowza that sounds good! I'm making buffalo chicken chili Friday...since the weather is going to turn cool again. Yum.