Do What We Do

The energy in Morgantown is palpable.

Everywhere you go in town you see gold and blue balloons; business signs that say "Final Four"; bakeries full of blue and gold deliciousness; and everyone (even The Man) is wearing their gold and blue.

A men's basketball or football National Championship alludes WVU.

We've been close before (to name a few:  basketball - 1959 Final Four; football - 1989 Fiesta Bowl; 2007 - let's just not talk about it, ok?).

Coach Huggins has told this team that making it to the Final Four is pointless if they don't win it all.  That they have 80 more minutes to be something special.

(Photo taken of the white board in WVU's locker room after defeating Kentucky in the Elite 8 Game)
(Photo borrowed from somewhere.)

Tonight, we play to take one step closer to being special.

We aren't the biggest, strongest, fastest, or most talented team, but...

"We do what we do."  ~Coach Huggins

We even have a t-shirt (the team wore t-shirts that said the same thing to Media Day in Indianapolis):


Let's GOOOOOOO Mountaineers!!!


  1. Ah, your team is playing my husband's Alma Mater. I guess this means we should be enemies, LOL.

    Good luck to your team tonight. I'll be (secretly) rooting for them.

  2. Sorry for the loss...saw the beginning of the game...didn't look good. It would've been nice for Duke to have been beaten! :D