Old Ladies

"No dear, I'm fine.  I usually go out to eat with old ladies, and they're a pain in the a**."  ~Nan, age 81

That was the response I got when I offered to scoot into the booth first at breakfast on Sunday morning.

And that is one reason why I love spending time with Nan.

She tells it like it is.  She doesn't let being 81 slow her down.

We spent the weekend laughing.  Talking.  Spending time together.  Going to see a show.  Eating.

We went to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Byham Theater in Pittsburgh (a Christmas gift from us to Nan).

After the show, while Nan and I were waiting for The Man to get the car, Nan cried.

She thanked me for the gift and the day.  And she cried.

While she loves her 'old lady' friends, she misses my Pap.  And the things they loved to do.  Going to shows.  Going to the Symphony.  Dinners out.

And I think, for a moment, she remembered those days with more happiness than sadness.

And I know one 'Old lady' who is loved more than she knows.


  1. Oh stars, friend, I'm all a puddle of tears. What a wonderful post. Your Nan sounds a lot like mine... I think I need to go make a phone call.

  2. What a sweet post! Hold your Nan close to your heart!

  3. Make the most of it and preserve those memories, while they are important now, they are more important in the future. We miss my GM, but I cherish the time that we were able to spend with her.