A New Look

Notice anything new?

No?  Oh, you must be reading in a reader.  Click on over to the actual site.  I'll wait.

There you are!  Now, notice anything new???

What do you think?

My bloggy-turned-IRL-friend Cassie at The Glamorous Life had her blog redesigned by Kreated by Kelsey and as part of it, she did a giveaway, and I won!!!

Yes, it was like forever-a-go that I won, but I've been busy lazy and just got around to letting Kelsey know what I'd like.

Many, many thank-yous to Cassie for doing the giveaway!

And a HUGE thank-you to Kelsey for her patience and of course the awesome job she did!

PS  Let's GOOOO Mountaineers!!! (Tip off in 2 hours and I'm a bundle of nerves!)


  1. Very pretty! I entered two blog makeover giveaways myself! I hope I win!!

  2. Congrats to the Mountaineers for knocking of Ky.! LOVED IT!

  3. Love the new design. :) And congrats on the win last night. Bear and I sat and cheered for you while Ash pounded the couch in frustration.

  4. Nice makeover! :) It's bright and cheery. I was just thinking (while going to the bathroom, mind you) that I want to choose a brighter background for mine. I've had the same brown for nearly the entire time. It's Spring and time for change.

    Congrats again on "your" win. ;)