How 'bout them 'eers?!?!

That's what we say around here when we are proud of a Mountaineers win.  I'd say winning our first ever Big East Championship in Basketball is something to be proud of!  Despite my better efforts, I've found myself watching a fair amount of basketball this year (even went to a game) AND even worse better enjoying it.  While I don't think I'll ever love WVU Basketball as much as I do WVU Football, I've started to catch the Basketball Bug.  (I even had to add a Basketball Label!)

Up next is some March Madness and if my brackets are at all correct, a few of you (Michelle, Tooj) and I might have to agree to disagree come Championship Game time!

I want the Mountaineers to prove all the doubters wrong.  Once again, the hopes of an entire state are rising and falling with a WVU Team.  Just like with basketball, this is our chance to shine.  Just as we don't have a professional or historic college football team, we do not have an NBA team or historic college basketball team.  Sure, Jerry West (the NBA Logo is his image) played here - in fact, his son plays here now, but once again, a National Championship alludes us.

So, let's GOOOO Mountaineers!

(Oh, and Kristen, yes, I think VT not getting into the Big Dance is way wrong!).


  1. Itis just a matter of time before we get the'ship. Maybe not this year..but soon

  2. Oh, I thought about you when I saw they won. :) And I wondered how long before you posted on your blog. Good for you and your 'eers. I'm so excited for March Madness. LOVE it!

  3. Congrats on the Big East win! I hope you have a good run in the Big Dance, but I'm wanting Kansas to win. :) Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

  4. I knew you'd be excited! And yeah, we are really blue about the Hokies. I think they should have gone. There's always next year...

  5. I understand how you feel about WVU...here's hoping the Volunteers prove people wrong, too. After all...they beat Kansas once, surely they can do it again!

  6. My bracket has WV going all the way to the BIG GAME against Kansas. I hope they do really, really well! :)