Day 5

Sara and I were finally able to start our Couch to 5K Running Program last week and today will be day 5.

A quick update (thoughts I may or may not have heard in my head):
Day 1 - Oh my, what was I thinking?  My feet hurt.  My knee (more on this someday) hurts.  I can't breathe.  What was I thinking?  Uh?  We're done.  Well that wasn't so bad.

Day 2 - Less hills for our route today?  Sounds great!  Ok, I can't make it through this horribly LONG 60 seconds of running, I'll finish a few by walking.  Sara is probably so not impressed by my out-of-shape-lazy-self.

Day 3 - I wonder if people passing by feel more sorrier for the fat girl (me) or the anorexic girl (Sara - side note: she is NOT anorexic, just very skinny.  We've decided that if I could just give her the few pounds I'd like to loose we'd make for one hot chick. ahem).  Wow, this isn't so bad.  Oops spoke too soon - horrible cramp in my side.

Day 4 - NEW SHOES!  And longer running periods.  But wait, this wasn't so bad either.  In fact I ran all of each of the running parts.

So today for Day 5, I'm ready.  We'll probably only run together (meaning on pace with one another) for another week or so and then Sara will lap me.  I am slow.  And I'm not just being hard on myself.  Even in the best of shape, I am slow.  When I played basketball in high school any teammate who finished a running drill after me had to do it again because that mean they weren't running as hard as they could.  Seriously.  For now, I'm enjoying the company and I'm grateful for Sara's patience.


  1. Haha. I am just as out of shape as you. And just my side note: you're not fat. I have to say, I'm already starting to feel better. Tired, but better. It's nice not to look at yourself as lazy. :)
    I'm looking forward to tonight, and it's supposed to warm up today!

  2. Good for you. I hate the first part of getting back in shape for running. It is just no fun! But at least you have your friend.

  3. You're not fat!

    And.... you are MUCH braver than I! Have fun?

  4. Keep up the great work! 5K Wow! Walking is more my speed. ;) I have to get my big butt out the door now that we have nice weather.