Today, Lent begins.

So often, we hear people say what they've given up for Lent.  This year our Priest has challenged to not give up something, but rather to do something; he has asked us to do something 'Christ-like and positive, that we do not routinely do' (a direct quote from our bulletin this week).

I'm a glass half-full kinda girl and I like this line of thinking.  By the time these words are read by anyone else, I will have finally decided if I am going to give up sweets this year (as I did with much success last year) or something else.  I tend to make this decision at the last minute.  I know that it's not exactly supposed to be this way, and that I resolved to not procrastinate this year, but that's just how it's gonna be for now.

The doing part, on the other hand, I am very much looking forward to.

Though I was raised Catholic, many of the finer major details of my Faith have been complete mysteries to me.  I did what I did because it was what I'd always done.  Don't get me wrong, I valued and respected my Faith decisions with as much understanding as I could, I'm just now starting to realize that I truly didn't know what I didn't know.  In recent months, that as all changed and at times it is very overwhelming.  At other times, it is exciting.

One aspect of the Catholic Faith that I have never understood is why people pray the Rosary.  But, I've learned recently that prayer is an extremely powerful thing.  That it's not so much that our prayers are answered, but the process of prayer itself.  As I often remind the teachers who I lead, process not product.

So one thing I am going to do this Lenten Season is to pray the Rosary daily.  I am going to stretch myself and work to do this daily in the morning (a morning person, I am not) so as to start my day on a positive, God-filled note.  Because this process is so very new to me, I will be using The Rosary Prayer Guide website to guide me.

What are you giving up for Lent?  Are you adding anything Christ-like and positive to your daily routine?


  1. I think adding the rosary is great. I'm still fairly new to it, and one resource I find helpful is the scriptural rosary found here:

    http://www.rosaryarmy.com/?page_id=22 (scroll down)

    It helps me to (a) have someone else saying it with me, so I make sure to do it right, and (b) have scripture passages between each prayer to help me focus on the mysteries. Best wishes!

  2. good luck - I know you'll be able to get a lot out of it. The rosary is a very powerful prayer; my husband's conversion is due to rosary-praying. :)

  3. I prayed a 54 day rosary novena a couple months ago and at first it wasn't anything special, but after a few weeks it practically changed my spiritual outlook! Have a happy Ash Wednesday!

  4. I am really bad at lenten resolutions that make me give up something, but this year, my hubby and I have decided to give up dessert -- wish me luck! I like making the positive resolutions much better. This year I am going to walk 10 minutes per day. In terms of the Christ-like resolutions, my standing one for the past several years is to attend either daily mass or stations of the cross at least once per week throughout Lent.

  5. Praying the rosary is a great thing to take on during Lent, i think. Good for you! I am trying to work the family rosary in ...so far haven't had much luck (but I plan to get it going today!) I like the idea of using a scriptural rosary like Elizabeth suggested...I need to find one to help me through when I am praying on my own. :)

  6. I'm not a Catholic, but am a huge believer in Prayer; and I have a lot of faith in it!

  7. Adding something Christ-like should be our everyday goal, shouldn't it? I always wonder when "seasons" like this come along and people do things out of their norm....if they ever consider taking the concept and stretching it year 'round. I know it's hard to do and we will slip....but it's a thought. Maybe I'll set out a goal for myself similar, and I'm not even a particular faith follower. :)