Looking Back, Looking Forward

Happy New Year!

Looking Back:
Last year, I created a list of resolutions, and I have to say, looking back, I get chills:
1)  Quit bitting my nails - despite a setback or 2, I can safely say I am a recovering nail biter.  Most days I even have polished nails!  I'm considering this resolution a major success.
2)  Hit the gym - I had a great spring and discovered the pool.  Then I hit a major bump in my life that clearly caused me to forget how to get to the pool.  I'll be recycling this resolution and working for better results.
3)  Become an educated believer - I'm gonna call this a huge success and a work in progress.  When I decided on this resolution, the logical side of me pictured a lot of research and cross-referencing.  Umm, yea, not even close - instead, my heart and soul were touched by God's Grace and then I was truly carried through by his Grace.  I learned more about my relationship with God and the Holy Spirit than I ever expected.  I learned enough to know that it's only the beginning.
4)  Stop the 'hemming and hawing' - I had no idea just how much this was going to play into my life.  I wrote this resolution wanting to be better about making day-to-day decisions, I had no idea I'd be deciding on what direction my life needed to be on.  Again, this is a successful work in progress and the success is truly by the Grace of God.

Looking Forward:
1)  Continue to learn and grow in my Faith and my relationship with God.  Some specifics in this area are to attend daily mass, at least semi-regularly and learn more about the history of the Catholic church and our traditions.  And yes, I realize I'm going all cross-referencing and research again here, but I'm trusting that if i start in 'my' direction, His direction will become clear.  (Hey, it worked last year, right?)
2)  Hit the gym.  Thanks to Sara's resolution, I'll also be hitting the pavement.  Thanks to a great Couch to 5K Program I'm looking forward to success this year!  I'm also really looking forward to getting back into the pool, I miss my time in the water.
3)  No more procrastinating.  I did really well with the ending of the hemming and hawing, I think it's time to quit the procrastinating.  This will be as hard to quit as the nail biting, but I'm determined.  I can be seriously lazy and love to put off what should be done today until tomorrow.  Or next week.  Gotta cut it out.

Most importantly, I wish you and those you love a happy, healthy 2010!


  1. You're so good to make resolutions. And even better that you did so well keeping them! I didn't make any last year, I don't think. I have made ONE this year, and I'm determined to keep it. I actually felt challenged yesterday, and I remembered my resolution. That was a good start, I think!

    Good luck in 2010!!! I know you can do it!!!

  2. you did great in 2009. good luck with your 2010 goals. we can do great things if we put our minds to it. :) hugs!!

  3. great resolutions, I used to never make resolutions because the following year I was depressed looking back! Last year I made one and again a little down looking back but I will "recycle" that one and keep moving forward!! (like you are) Happy New Year!!!

  4. I keep meaning to get around to stop procrastinating.
    BTW---the way to the pool is usually through the locker room, you know, since you lost your way. :-)

  5. Great goals for 2010.

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  6. Happy New Year. I need to join you with the stop procrastinating resolution. :) That's so me.

    Glad you had success in 2009.

    Believing God for more growth in 2010.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I appreciate them. And I'm not a football fan, but I have lots of friends who are. And I have a high school son who plays. :)