Just a Game

Football really is just a game.  

I'll wait while you pick yourself up off the floor after reading those words because I'm sure you didn't expect to see them 'round here.  Glad you are okay!  Now, we'll move on.

Yes, football really is just a game.

When I wrote about crying in football, I touched on it.

Today, I was reminded.

I was all set to write a woe-is-me-as-a-Mountaineer-fan post about our loss in the Gator Bowl.  I'm really glad Bobby Bowden went out a winner, but how I wish it had been a different team.

And then, I was reminded that a loss in a football game is not the end of the world.

The Man and I were watching my 2nd most loved team, the Steelers, play the Miami Dolphins and rooting the Steelers to victory for a chance at a playoff spot.

Then, Pat White, former Mountaineer Quarterback, got a chance to play in the game.  I was immediately torn between wanting Pat to have a great game and wanting the Steelers to win.

And then, Pat was running for a first down and took a helmet to helmet (clean, unintentional) hit from Steeler Ike Taylor.

And then, Pat didn't move. At. All.

My heart skipped a beat and tears streamed down my face, proving that once again, there is crying in football.

All of a sudden, I could've cared less who won the game.  Or, frankly, if it was even finished.

He was strapped to the board and carted off the field.

He did move his arms a little.  And flash his trademark smile.

As I type this, the only news I have is that the air-lift was cancelled.  Pat is in the hospital after briefly losing consciousness from the hit.  According to Profootballtalk, he is doing 'better' and has full use of all extremities.

And, then to read on twitter others relishing Pat's injury and hoping he was not okay.

I LOVE football - especially Mountaineer football.  I'm the first to admit the outcome of a game can affect my mood for an entire week or even an entire offseason.

But it's just a game.

If I ever doubted how much I truly believe that, I was reminded today (and I have to say, I do think I keep it in perspective pretty well).

Please say a prayer for Pat White.  For his family.  For all football players.

Because, it's just a game.


  1. Good perspective! Your hindsight passed along can become someone elses foresight. - Gerald

  2. What a great post. It made me cry again... though, as we both know, it doesn't take a whole lot. :) Great perspective and words. I'm linking to your post on my photo of the day today on Flickr. It goes very well with what I talk about in the caption. Here's the link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kimberlyfaye/4243096054.

  3. Very true. I used to feel so much more emotion when we lost a game...and now it's all in perspective. It's really just a game.

    Hope Mr. White is okay.