Left to Do

It's December 22 - and I have left to do:

1)  Mail Christmas cards
2)  Finish shopping
3)  Wrap gifts
4)  Decorate (OK, this one probably just isn't going to happen)
5)  Bake cookies (I'm crossing my fingers for Christmas Eve)
6)  Ship gifts to Texas for my bro and/or his fiance (whoever I may have in our Secret Santa - just in case they're reading)

And without all of this left to do, I would normally be a bit stressed freaking out.

But this year, for whatever reason, I am not.

Maybe it's because I've had my share of freaking out this year and I'm just all out of freak outs.

Or maybe the freak out has yet to hit.

But, it feels most like the Grace of God is whispering to me and reminding me that all that I have left to do is not what Christmas is about.

And that while I'm never going to get it all done, I can be ready.

And I am wishing for you all a peaceful Christmas spent enjoying those around you and truly celebrating the birth of Jesus.


  1. Perfect! Merry Christmas to you, too!!!

  2. Good luck on your list! I haven't started Christmas shopping yet and yes, I'm freaking out.

  3. Merry Christmas Rebecca! Glad you are not freaking out. Me neither. :)

  4. So... did the freak out happen? :)
    I hope not, and I hope it was a wonderful and peaceful day!

  5. Just getting to this and I LOVE your perspective. :) Merry (belated) Christmas. I'm thankful we found each other on this ol' blogosphere.

  6. I hope your day was all you wished for!

  7. Freak outs. Check. Celebrating in the midst of said freak out. Check.

    I did NOT, however, bake a thing. I don't really BAKE so much as eat.....