Friday Fragments: New Job Edition

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  1. The new job is great!  It's challenging, rewarding, my days fly by, and I get paid - today!  What more could a girl ask for?!?!
  2. I'm re-learning how to work all day, run a business in the evenings, and still get it all done.  Let's just say the learning curve is a little steeper than I expected.  Some things that may or may not get done this year?  Decorating and Christmas cards.  You know, nothing major - ha!
  3. When being shown my new office (which is brand new, no one has used it before me) my boss mentioned that I could have a coffee pot.  I mentioned I didn't drink coffee, only tea.  And on Wednesday, my boss got me my very own tea pot!  How nice was it to have a continuous supply of tea all day yesterday?  Well, since you asked, it was very nice :).
  4. While I'm loving the new job, I am missing being 'in the know' throughout the day.  I liked my snippets of news, blogs, and tweets whenever I wanted.  Yesterday I realized just how out of it I've been when I came home to discover that Chris Henry (former WVU Wide Receiver) was fatally injured in a car accident and that 'Doc' Holliday, a WVU Assistant Coach and Recruiter, was the new Head Coach at Marshall University.  Two pieces of BIG WVU news in a day and I almost missed them both.  (You really didn't think I could keep up the lack-of-football-related news forever, did you?)  Oh, and I think there's something about health care going on too....
  5. Even though I prayed hard before making this decision, I was a little nervous that maybe I was making the wrong one.  Clearly, I still need to learn to trust God.  He has reminded me every day that I am in the right place with a reminder (big or small) to reaffirm that I am in the right place.  I am so grateful for these reminders.
  6. I was also a lot nervous about how Kali would adjust to spending her days in her kennel instead of being able to lounge on the couch or the ottoman or anywhere she'd like.  Two weeks in and I think it was the right decision for her - she's calmer in the evenings and the pacing that had started recently is now gone.  She loves her routines this pup of mine and I think she's glad to be back to what she knew for most of her life.
  7. And last but by no means least, The Man.  He's been so supportive (not that I expected less), but he deserves a public (and very big) THANK-YOU!  Making dinner sometimes, helping to keep the place neat, taking over some errands, and always being willing to massage my feet, neck, and shoulders are just a few of the ways he's helped to make this transition easy.


  1. Tea all day and support from the hubby! What more could you want?
    I'm glad you're pleased. Work is good.

  2. Congrats on the new job, and how awesome is that, getting foot massages whenever you want - Yay!

  3. I'm really glad you're so happy. :) Merry Christmas friend of mine!

  4. Wow, I really wish we had met one another while I was still in WV. I too am a tea-drinker and I would have loved to share a cup of chai with you one afternoon.

    Merry Christmas and so glad that everything is going well. What a way to end the year!

  5. Glad the job is working out so well! Isn't it nice when God finds ways to let us know we're in the right place? I was sorry to hear about Henry as well...very sad.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  6. Oh, the job is going well! How fun. And the boss supplied a personal touch with the teapot? How special it is to have a boss that thinks (and realizes) the little personal touches mean something to some of us. It's not all about the work, but about what we're working with. :)