Ebay Fail

*Updated to say:  EBAY HAS REFUNDED ALL FEES!  Yay!  If you tweeted, emailed, blogged, whatever'd - thank-you!  Now if you would please pray for Jaden, he's back in the hospital :(.*

The details:

A few weeks ago I donated a PartyLite Gift Certificate to be sold in an auction to benefit Jaden (see his cute button on my sidebar?).

The auction was hosted by the wonderfully kind and totally fun, Supah at Adventures of a WannaBe Supah Mommy.

As Supah set it up, Ebay offered to waive all sellers fees so that all money raised would go directly to Jaden and his family.

The fail:

Ebay is now reneging on their promise to waive all fees and the family will lose over $400 in profit because of this.

What you can do:

(Comments are closed on this post because I'd really like you to go over to Supah's site and help Jaden and his family).

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