Water Heater Puddle

Today's originally scheduled planned post (that had nothing to do with football) will have to wait.

Today I will be dealing with something much less fun (that has nothing to do with football).

Yesterday, when we got home from a relaxing day at my Mom's, we found a puddle in our back room.

Yes, I said a puddle.

Much too big (and clear) to blame on Max.

Kali was in her kennel, so couldn't be her fault either.


It was the water heater.

Yes, I said the water heater.

It was leaking - all over our back room.

The back room where I keep all of my PartyLite stuff.

The good news - cardboard boxes with PartyLite products in them are very absorbant.  The damage to the other stuff back there could have been much worse.

And, PartyLite products are packed very well, so no actual products were damaged, just the boxes.

So today, I will be waiting for the new water heater to arrive.

First, I have to remove everything from the back room.

Then, I get to put it all back.

So, today's originally planned post will have to wait.

Hopefully I'll get to it before I have more football to discuss.

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