I've not been holding out on you.  I haven't heard any news myself.

I thought the interview went well, but I also know they were looking to fill the position fairly quickly, so I'm not hopeful at this late date.

In the last few days, I have had moments where I've wondered why, if this job wasn't supposed to be the path I went down, was it presented into my life the way it was?  Was it a distraction?  But then I remind myself it is not my place to question God (yet it is in my nature to do so).

I've tried hard to not let this be just a distraction.  To learn from it.

I'm reminded of another time I changed jobs.  It was a job that seemed 'meant to be' that ultimately led me to another job.  It led me not through connecting me to one person, but by giving me the desire to look for what I really wanted.

Is history repeating itself in my life again?

So, soon I will learn if I will be offered the job or not.  (If not, I do hope it is in the form of a phone call from the principal, not just being left to wonder or seeing someone else's name listed in the position on the website.)

Soon, a new chapter will start.  Either as a preschool teacher or to continue weaving through this unknown path.

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