Saturday Evening Quarterbacking

A little Monday Morning Saturday Evening Quarterbacking...

Well, it was a win.

Once again, it wasn't pretty, but the Mountaineers pulled out a win.  As far as the Big East Conference is concerned, at this point, a win is a win.  Without some major upsets and shake ups in the Top 25 a National Championship just isn't gonna happen this year.  But a Big East Championship is still possible...unless we continue to play like we've been playing.

I'm a Mountaineer through thick and thin.  We could be 0-9 instead of 7-2 and I'd still put on the gold and blue and settle into my seat for games.  But the intensity that has (not) been displayed this year is disappointing.

Sure, a few years ago, a 7-2 record would have been making me ecstatic!  But that was then, we've come to expect more from WVU Football.

Sure, a coach jumped ship - a season and a half ago.

Sure, a starting (and star) quarterback graduated.

Sure, our team has had a whole new system to learn.

But what does that have to do with intensity?  What does any of that have to do with playing to WIN, not playing NOT to lose?

That's what seems to be missing this year.  The desire to WIN...the desire to dominate opponents...the desire.  It just seems to be missing.

Is this coaching?

Is this the players?

Is it the fans?  

Is this post contributing to the lack of desire (wow, I think a lot of myself, don't I??? *blush*)

Sure, a 7-2 team going into the toughest 2 games of our schedule should be exciting.  The potential should be intoxicating, but instead all that is intoxicating is the Captain and Coke.

So, come Friday night, when the Mountaineers face an undefeated, top 5 ranked Cincinnati team, I will settle in and cheer for my team.   I will root hard and yell loud.

But if the boys in gold and blue don't find some intensity and some desire, I fear I will be disappointed.

And this time, if there isn't intensity and desire from the boys in the gold and blue, they will be disappointed too - for a loss on Friday, means the goals of the season are gone.  No longer will the Mountaineers be in control of their destiny.  No longer will a Big East Championship be in our hands.

For now, I'm choosing to be hopeful.  Choosing to believe that we have just been playing to the level of our opponent.

Choosing to believe that come Friday night, under the bright lights, the Gold and Blue will shine bright and for once this year, we will celebrate a win.  A beautiful, well-earned, deserved win - not an ugly one.

Let's Go Mountaineers!  Let's Goo Mountaineers!!  Let's Gooo Mountaineers!!!

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