Is that You, God?

So, I have news.

I got a call today.

From the Catholic School across the road.

About an opening.

For a preschool teacher.

The principal wanted to know if I'd be interested in coming in for an interview on Friday.


Is that You, God?

Is this just a distraction?

Or a path I had not considered?

I do have a degree in Early Childhood Education.

I was a preschool teacher.

But what about kids with hearing loss?

Yes, that job was very stressful at times.

The preschool part, not so stressful.

The hearing loss part, stressful.  Very.  Sometimes.


Is that You, God?

I told the principal I had to discuss it with my husband first.

We discussed.

We figure it's worth going in for an interview.

We figure it's worth thinking, talking, and praying about this weekend.

So, God, if it is You, I am listening.

Please be near.

Please be clear.

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