A Great Day to Be a Mountaineer!

It's a Great Day to Be a Mountaineer, Wherever You May Be!
~ Tony Caridi, the Voice of the Mountaineers (play by play announcer)

For the first time all season my ears were blessed to hear those words!

Sure, WVU has won games this season as evidenced by our 8 - 3 record.

But none of them have been quite worthy of Tony Caridi's famous quote.

Two years ago, the end of The Backyard Brawl was marked with stunned silence.

This year, it was marked with jubilation, cheers, and tears of joy!


  1. Congrats! Virginia Tech very well too! 42 to 13 smackdown against UVA. I wrote about it briefly in my personal blog:


    A great day indeed.

  2. So I'm guessing you're kind of a Mountaineer fan?

    Yeah, I'm smart like that.