Go Ohio State Buckeyes!!!

Yes, you read that title correctly.

Today, as most Saturdays in the fall go, I will be watching football.

But today, I will be rooting for a team other than my beloved Mountaineers.

Yes, that's right.

A different team.

It will be short lived.  Very.  From Noon until Victory to be exact.

Then, I will no longer care about this other team.

What team is it that I will be rooting for?

Image borrowed from Ohio State Team Fan Shop.

Yep, the Ohio State Buckeyes.

(It kinda hurts my fingers to type that.)

Anyway, I know you are dying to know why wondering if I have lost my mind or maybe if this blog has been hacked or I lost a bet.

But no, I truly want Ohio State to BEAT MICHIGAN today!

And here's why:

When Coach Rich Rodriguez was hired at WVU, it was a new day.

West Virginia University experienced success unlike it has ever experienced before; with athletes more exciting than ever before.

But then, on a cold day in November, a #2 ranked WVU team lost to an unranked Pitt team (more on the Backyard Brawl on Friday).  With that loss, went our chances for a National Championship.

As I've stated on this blog before, West Virginia University is the winningest program in college footbal without a National Title.

After that game, Rich Rodriguez stood at his press conference and took the blame.

And then he professed his love for WVU (his Alma Mater) and vowed to finish his career here.

Two weeks later, on a nighttime flight, he left for Ann Arbor.

Rich Rodriguez was the new Head Coach at Michigan.

Now, I know that Jesus teaches us to love our enemies and to turn the other cheek, but for this man, I so want to see him get what is coming to him in this world.

When he left WVU, he told recruits of his decision before his current team.  He sent a graduate assistant with a note to inform his boss (the Athletic Director) of his resignation.

He broke the hearts of a team.  Of a state.  Of Mountaineers everywhere.

And now, at Michigan, he has broken records.

-Michigan's most losses in a first season.
-First freshman Quarterback to ever defeat the Wolverine's (that quarterback happened to be one of the recruits he called before telling the Mountaineers he was leaving)
-First losing season in 41 years.
-First season without a bowl game in 34 years.
-Lost consecutive games for the first time since 1962

Oh, and let's not forget the NCAA Investigation into Allegations of Rule Breaking.

So, tomorrow I'm rooting for the Buckeyes.

Because they play Michigan.

And if what goes around comes around, Rich Rodriguez won't have to sneak out of town on a late-night flight, he'll be shown the door.

Let me say this part too:
If Rich Rodriguez had taken a microphone and publicly said, I've loved my time (or not loved, just been honest) at WVU and I see a better opportunity for my career and my family in Michigan I would feel very differently about this.

Yes, I would have been disappointed.  A little bitter, too.

But not betrayed or lied to or made a fool of.  (Again, you'd think I actually played in the games - ha!)

I hold no ill will towards Michigan directly.  When they have a new coach, I'll go back to being completely indifferent about them.  For now, I hope they lose today as badly as another team (we'll get to them on Friday).

(Side Note:  I am nervous to even hit publish on this post because I know how Rich Rodriguez can turn things around.  I watched him do it at WVU.  I so don't want to jinx OSU, but I'm keeping the faith that he is reaping what he has sown and OSU will be victorious today!)

This is one WVU Fan who is FOR Ohio State today!  Go Buckeyes!


  1. yeah...remind me never to get on your badside. ;)

  2. Looks like you got your wish. ;-)

  3. Michelle - it takes a lot to get on my badside, and you're in no danger as far as I can see :)...I do forgive easily, I just am not a fan of those who walk on others to get where they want to go.

    Jess - yep - OSU won, I'm now back to being only a WVU fan :)! (But my fingers are crossed that Michigan needs a new coach on Monday morning ;))!

  4. YAY OSU won...happy for you...dropping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. The whole college coach switching teams a day or two after professing undying loyalty to their current team baffles me. I know that the Oklahoma State Univ. fans are still a little toward Les Miles and how he mishandled his switch to LSU.

    Thanks for visiting!

  6. Totally disagree with your post. WVU needs to get over it and move on already. Root for your own team or if your going to root against another team, at least root against one in your own conference where it will mean something for your teams chances. Big 10 football never meant anything to you before, so why should things be different now. Coaches move around all the time and Michigan fans never wanted Rodriguez anyway. You can have him back for all I care. His offense is all wrong for the Big 10.

  7. Kaybeeski - I almost put a warning on this post for you with a smile that if baby wasn't here and you weren't quite ready, this probably wasn't the post for you to read ;). I agree - root w/in your conference, I could typically care less what happens to Michigan (in fact, I feel kinda bad rooting against the actual team, I'd just really like to see RR get whats coming to him - and something tells me UM fans will be just as glad to see him go when he does).

    It's hard to get over it when I've actually heard personal stories of how the team felt when he left - totally betrayed and abandoned. All I would've wanted to see from him was honesty...

    (Not trying to sway you to my side or argue, just letting you know a little more where I'm coming from.)

  8. Yogi - I agree, I think there should be no hiring allowed until after all of the bowl games have been played. I know the coaches say it affects recruiting - but wouldn't it anyway.

    Allowing the coaching changes to take place during the season or post season is a huge error on the part of the NCAA.

    By changing that, honestly, I think WVU fans would feel differently about it.