The Backyard Brawl

Brawl (n) - a noisy quarrel, squabble, or fight; a bubbling roaring noise, a clamor; (slang) a large, noisy party

Yep, that's about right.

The Backyard Brawl (n) - an annual football game between the West Virginia University Mountaineers and the Pittsburgh Panters

Tonight, 7 pm.  Mountaineer Field at Mylan Puskar Stadium - we Brawl!

My post last weekend about wanting Michigan to lose, had only to do with wanting see a little 'what goes around comes around' for a coach who did WVU wrong.

This week, it's all different.

Tonight we play Pitt.  And I never root for Pitt.  Ever.

Unless of course their victory in some way helps the Mountaineers.  But wait, I don't really root for them, I usually root for Pitt's opponent to lose.  So yep, NEVER.

As Jack Fleming's, the former Voice of the Mountaineers, mother explained to him as a small child:
You hate Pitt now.  You hate Pitt tomorrow.  You hate Pitt until the day you die.  After that, you will hate Pitt for eternity.
Yep, that's about right.

It's no secret Pitt leads the all-time series, big time.

It's no secret Pitt played spoiler to WVU's National Championship hopes two years ago.  13-9 is a score burned in my memory.  I never want to hear 65,000 people that quiet ever again.  Ever.

Tonight, it's our night.  It's WVU's turn to play spoiler.

If it's true that "Revenge is best served cold", then it is shaping up to be a good night.  The snow is falling as I type.  The temperature for kick-off is set to be 36 degrees.

I know it's not nice to hate.  But I do.  I hate Pitt.  Just typing the word makes my stomach turn a little.

And even hearing the score 13-9 makes me want to be sick.

But, tonight, it's different.

Tonight, the season that has not gone as expected can be redeemed.  By beating Pitt.

It is time.

Let's GOOOOOOO Mountaineers!


  1. I sincerely hope you get what you want. :) Happy Friday!

  2. Tomorrow I'm going to watch Virginia Tech bury UVA at the Commonwealth Cup. Good times all around.