Huh? It's Friday? What happened to Tuesday?

And that pretty much sums up this week.

I didn't even blog about WVU's win over Marshall last weekend.

Or that it was rainy and cold.  For the whole game.  It took til Wednesday for everything to dry out.

Or that I watched our quarterback get knocked out with a concussion right in front of us.  I've never seen trainers run across a field that fast.

Or that our back-up QB did a really great job.

Or that we won.

Or that we celebrated my dad's birthday with meatball hoagies before the game and pumpkin pie after.  Dad turned 59.  He doesn't seem 59.

Or that sitting out in the previously mentioned cold and rain for 4 hours has resulted in a horribly sore throat and sinus infection.

Or that I'm a little worried Kali is going to have to go to the vet next week for a steriod shot and a cone because her Shar-Pei skin is not adjusting to the colder weather well.

Or that this weekend is homecoming for WVU.  One of my favorite games of the year.

Or that we play UConn and I'm proud of what the Mountaineer Family is doing to reach out to the Husky family to show our respects on the loss of their teammate, Jasper Howard last weekend.

I really couldn't tell you what it is I've done this week.

It's certainly not been dishes.

Or laundry.

Or cleaning.

I can tell you that I'm hoping for a dry afternoon tomorrow because another week of this sinus/throat thing and I'll go nuts.

I'm not sure how to wrap up this rambling post, so since the calendar tells me that it's Friday, I'll wish you a good weekend!

Let's GOOOO Mountaineers!!!!

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