How to be a College Football Fan

Much to my surprise, some of you ladies out there have commented about not being college football fans.


You mean when you were growing up your dad wasn't a high school and then college football official/referee?

Oh, he wasn't?

You mean you weren't taught to signal TOUCHDOWN (by raising both hands above your head) when you were coughing?

No touchdowns to get rid of coughs either?

You mean, you didn't go over the the local colleges football field before the games to hang out with dad since he was working the chain crew?

What's a chain crew?

Oh my.  I see we have a lot to learn here.  So, Holley (who I first mentioned this topic to), and everyone else, I give you:

How to be a College Football Fan 101!
(*Results not guarnateed)

  1. You need to pick a team.  I would suggest a team that you can go see in person or at least get to watch on TV with some ease.  If you are married and your hubs is passionate about a specific team, it might be easier if you pick his team - but it might be more fun, if you pick his team's arch rivals.  If all else fails, I tend to root for underdogs (but be careful, there is heartache here); or you can jump on a bandwagon and route for a big, typically successful school (USC, Florida, etc.); or you can join ME in rooting for the West Virginia University Mountaineers; or if you must (just please keep it to yourself) go ahead and pick a team whose colors you like.
  2. Speaking of colors - the last time I checked, NO football team's colors included pink!  Wait, wait, wait, don't leave - I am 110% FOR showing support for breast cancer awareness, but a pink ribbon on a jersey or even the pink cleats and wrist bands the NFL wore last weekend are ok by me and sufficient enough.  BUT, when you are shopping (yes, being a college football fan involves shopping!) for game day attire - it should NOT be pink.  Especially, especially, not a replica jersey (it can't even really be a replica since there aren't real pink ones to begin with can it? - ha!)
  3. Once you've picked your team, you'll want to check the schedule and decide if your first game will be live or televised.  There are pros and cons to both:  there's nothing like a live game and it's atmosphere plus lots of other fans and stadium food (mmmm, pretzels!), but can be subject to adverse weather condition and can leave you a little lost as to what is going on; a televised game is temperature controlled, can be paused if necessary for bathroom breaks, but is not nearly as exciting.  If you've picked the hubs's favorite team, he'll be way excited if you suggest an outing at the football field.
  4. Learn the terminology and the rules.  Where would you learn these rules and the terminology?  Well, if you come back round here tomorrow, you might just learn some - and in plenty of time for Saturday's games!
  5. Finally, have fun!  Yell, scream, laugh, and hopefully don't cry and most fun, completely stress out over something you have absolutely no control over (it can be quite freeing!).
I hope you've enjoyed your introduction to being a college football fan!  Tomorrow we'll cover basic rules and terminology!

So, who's your favorite team???

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