Friday Fragments: Photo Edition

It's a Friday Fragments - Photo Edition!  For more Fragments or Quick Takes, please go visit Jen at Conversion Diary.

1.  My friend, N. and her baby came to visit this me this week!  N. goes back to work next week, and I'm so grateful she chose to use some of her last precious days at home to visit me.  We took a walk along the rail trail and enjoyed the fall leaves.  Her little one is absolutely a joy, such a happy baby and handled a total upheaval in her schedule so so well!

2,  Yesterday, a blog friend, Cassie, becomes an IRL (In Real Life) friend.  We met for lunch at our local Panera Bread, talked blogs, talked football, talked student loans, talked family.  If Cassie hadn't been off to a hair appointment, we might have had to order dinner!  (Picture is a self-portrait, and taken after having to walk in the rain our cars, so not the best, but not too bad either!).

3.  We took Kali to the dog park a week or so ago.  This dog park is special because it is named after Kali's first friend Stanley.  Stanley was a Dalmatian owned by the man's best friend Dave and was one of the first dogs Kali ever really played with.  Stanley also taught Kali how to walk of leash without running away.  He died in a tragic accident and we miss him.

4.  When I say we took Kali to the dog park, you are probably picturing running and playing with other dogs. Well, not so much for Kali.  She doesn't always play well with others, so we only actually go into the dog park when there are no little dogs in the little dog section.  This day, there were actually lots of big dogs in their section and Kali really seemed to like running along the fence and playing that way.  We're hoping lots of trips like this will eventually result in actual playing in the big dog area.

5.  A few weeks ago, we went to Kennywood with 1/2 of my family.  We rode rides, ate cheesey-bacon fries (delicious), and the man and my little brother had slushies that were basically a cup of colored sugar.  A fun time was had by all.  We got one group photo in front of the fountain.

6.  Well, we made it to #6 without bringing up football, but since tomorrow is game day, I can't ignore it all together!  This is the man and I in our seats at the last home game.  This is our 6th season in these seats and we love them and the people around us (most of them have been in their seats this whole time too).  My friend Hollie is bringing her boyfriend to his first home Mountaineer Game (the live in Chalotte and the Bowl Game was his first Mountaineer game ever).  We are so excited to share the fun with Kevin!  Now, let's just keep our fingers crossed that we can get away with the same type of clothing we are wearing in this picture since there is rain and/or snow in the forecast.  At this point, if it can't be dry, I'd rather snow, it's much better than cold rain!

7.   Finally, it is fall, it is October, and the world is turning pink to encourage Breast Cancer Awareness.  This is near and dear to my heart because my step-grandmother has had a double mastectomy.  And my step-mom doesn't really think of it as if, but rather 'when'.  She's had mammograms since she was my age.  We've had one scare - and thankfully a scare is all it was.  So, this month, take some time to learn about Breast Cancer and the fight against it.  If you have the extra money, make a donation to further the research.

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