An Easy-Peasy Giveaway!

From my friend Kristen.

I met Kristen during what I can only imagine to be one of the hardest phases of her life - her young son had just been diagnosed with a hearing loss and she and her husband were in the midst of learning just what that would mean for the present and future.

A year later, Henry, was in my preschool class and doing great!  It was during this year that I got to know Kristen professionally.  I was her son's teacher.  She one of my students' parents.

And then the man (not to be confused with the man over at Kristen's blog - nickname inspired by stolen from her, but that's the only connection) and I decided to move back to Morgantown where we grew up.

And then Kristen invited me to read her blog.

And then Kristen became my friend.  So I guess you could call us in-real-life-internet friends.  Or how about just good friends!

So, please head over and enter her giveaway and then take a moment to get to know her and her beautiful family.  Her writing is incredible.  Her stories will have you laughing or crying or both!

{And, maybe recommend she should write a book (in her spare time of course)!}

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