A Real Test

Last weekend, WVU was out for revenge.

Today, it is WVU who revenge is sought against.

Last year, WVU hosted Auburn and beat them 34 - 17.

Today, WVU goes on the road for the first time this season.

Today, WVU plays at Auburn.  In a stadium that holds 87,451 people.  Mylan Puskar Stadium at Mountaineer Field, by comparison holds 65,000 - but we've been known to invite upwards of 70,000 of our closest friends at times.

Today, WVU faces it's first real test of the season.  No disrespect to Liberty and ECU at all - Auburn just presents a new challenge.

Today, WVU must once again follow Coach Stewart's advice:  "Respect All, Fear None" - only this time, respect for our opponent is not the concern.  The Mountaineers must have no fear.  They must play all out.

Today, WVU has the opportunity to show a nation of doubters what Mountaineer Nation already believes - that this Mountaineer Team can compete with any team, on any level.

Today, WVU has the opportunity to prove that we have moved on.  That greatness on the football field does not depend on one man.


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