Never Forget - 9/11/01

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Has it really been 8 years?

It seems like it was just yesterday.

It feels like it was just yesterday.

My heart is with those who lost loved ones that day.

I'll never forget watching the second plane crash into the WTC on live TV.

I remember watching President Bush address a shaken, scared nation.  I remember knowing we were going to be okay.

I remember thinking 'they can knock down our buildings, but they can't knock out our freedom'.

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It was the day that at 8:45am  the world changed.  Forever.

It was the day my (then) 5-year-old brother learned that real bad guys do exist.  It was the day I learned that real bad guys do exist.

It was a day I cried.  It was a day heroes cried.

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It was a day, Americans stepped up and reached out.

It was a day of faith and hope amidst terror.

It was a day, we collectively said "You will NOT win, these colors don't run, freedom will win-out"

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I will never forget.

We can never forget.

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