Let's GOOOOO Mountaineers (A Bloggy Bet)

At 3:30 today, the "Countdown to Revenge" clock over there in my left sidebar will reach zero.
At 3:30 today, the Mountaineers will take on the East Carolina University Pirates.
At 3:30 today, we play to avenge a horrible, heart-breaking, devastating loss at the hands of ECU last year (yes, it was that bad).
At 3:30 today, a little bloggy bet heats up between me and Lauren of Lauren's Home, an ECU Fan.
Our Terms:

  • We'll each have a post today to root on our own team, with pictures of us (and our dogs) in our team gear  - so when you're finished here, head on over to visit Lauren and leave some comment love for the Mountaineers (please keep it to fun & friendly competition people)
  • The winning team's blogger gets to write a post to be published to both blogs tomorrow (so come back and check us out).
  • The winning team's blogger gets to publish Music Monday and Wordless Wednesday posts to both blogs this week as well.

At 3:30 today, this is where I'll be...


At 3:30 today, Kali will root on the 'Eers from home (and as you can see, football wears her out).

Now you can head on over, please, to see Lauren  - and be sure to leave a comment rooting on the Mountaineers for her, it will make her day, HA!

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