Friday Fragments

Some Friday Fragments, because it's all I've got and I'm feeling a little fragmented myself.  Jen hosts 7 Quick Takes each week, so I'm joining in with my fragments this week.
1)  First, and most importantly, I owe my sincerest apologies to this sweet girl:

She understood that there was another pup featured on my blog because of a bet, and she also thinks that pup is very cute, however, she did not understand how I could leave that other pup as the most recent post for 2 whole days.  So, Kali, you are now the first face to be seen by those who come visit, will you cease the hunger strike now and eat dinner?

2)  Last weekend, during the WVU-ECU game, I reconnected with a friend I had not seen in 11 years; a friend I had been almost inseparable from in high school; a friend who went her way when I went mine after high school; a friend I was so glad to see and catch up with; a friend who I will not wait 11 more years to see!  She used 2 of my family's tickets to take her daughter to her first WVU Game.

3)  I made it until Wednesday this week before my stomach starting doing somersaults when thinking about WVU's game this weekend (it was doing somersaults from the end of the first game until the ECU game) and the dreams didn't start until last night.  Seriously.  You'd think I was playing in the games, not just rooting for my team.

4)  So, I've found a way to distract myself tomorrow - because otherwise, I'd probably be physically ill by kick-off.  The man, my dad, stepmom, little brother, and I are going to Kennywood for the day.  Although, now that I think about it, planning to ride roller coasters and eat junk food while my stomach is in knots over the football game may end up not being one of my better plans.  

5)  Part of this plan of mine, is of course ensuring that my DVR is set to record the football game plus at least an extra hour.  I figure by planning for overtime, I can help prevent it.  If I only set the DVR to record the actual game time, I could pretty much guarantee there'd be overtime and I'd miss some amazing finish.  But, I've taken care of that.  From 7:40 on I will be having a self-imposed 'media black-out' so as not to hear any reports of how the WVU-Auburn game is going.  Upon our return from Kennywood, I will fire up the DVR and root on the Mountaineers as if they are playing live.  Because I'm obsessed fun like that.

6)   While running some errands this afternoon, I noticed the leaves are starting to change on the leaves.  It's hard to believe Fall arrives next week and that this is the last weekend of summer.  Fall is my favorite season.  While I'm not a fan of the winter that follows, I love the changing of the leaves, the crisp air, the smells and foods, and of course football.  The scripture on my header from Ecclesiastes has carried me through many tough moments in the past 2 years.  I know Spring is a time of new beginnings, but in order to be ready for that new beginning, we must let the old fall away.  I am ready for this Fall.

Photo from here.
7)  Let's GOOOOOOOO Mountaineers!!!!

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