The Agony of Defeat

Yesterday, I wrote about the WVU-Auburn Game being a real test.

Yesterday, I wrote about a Mountaineer team that had a lot to prove.  A Mountaineer team that needed to prove to the doubters out there that we can compete.

Yesterday - here were our stats:
Total Yards:  509
First Downs:  23
Total Plays:    80
Passing:        24 of 41
Posession:     32:45

Stats like these should almost automatically equal a win.  But when you add in 6 turnovers, yes 6, you end up with a final score of:
Auburn 41  West Virginia 30

Losing a game always hurts.  This one brought tears, yes real ones, to my eyes..

For today, I'm avoiding all airings of Sports Center - I can't relive it - and sometime this week I'll read the sports section of the paper to see just what the coaches and players think went wrong.

For today, I'm a die-hard Mountaineer fan and I'm looking ahead to Colorado.

For today, I'm ready for some Steeler Football - and hoping my boys in black pull out a win.  (If not, it's gonna be a loooooong week.)

(PS I do not like the new spacing stuff that blogger is doing - anyone know how to make it space normally again?).

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