250 Days

It's been 250 days since...
  • The Mountaineers donned the 'old gold and blue'.
  • I've heard "Simple Gifts" played by The Pride of West Virginia.
  • "W - V - U First Down!"
  • I wore my WVU Jersey
  • I high-fived, hugged, screamed, and cheered with thousands of strangers my closest friends.
  • Pat White's last snap as WVU's quarterback.
  • Pat McAfee's last kick as WVU's kicker and punter.
  • WVU defied the odds, again, and upset North Carolina in the Meineke Bowl.
  • Singing "Country Roads" to celebrate a Mountaineer Football Victory
  • Tony Caridi, the radio voice of the Mountaineers said "It's a GREAT Day to be a Mountaineer"
  • The sound of a musket shot graced my ears.
  • This...

It's been 250 long days.

But, tomorrow...
  • A new quarterback, Jarret Brown, leads his team onto the field.
  • My butt settles into it's familiar seat that's long been empty.
  • The magnets go on the car.
  • The cooler is packed with tailgate food and beverages.
  • I reconnect with my 60,000 closest friends.
  • The wait is over,
  • A new season dawns,
  • It is GAME DAY!
Let's GOOOOOO Mountaineers!

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