Football, Funnies, and Fresh Air

Ahhh, football season is finally here - well, pre-season anyway.

Maybe it's coming off a Super Bowl by the Steelers or all the unknowns for this year's Mountaineers, but I am so READY for football - and on Thursday the man and I were given a little teaser - the Steelers preseason game vs. the Cardinals.

We decided to make a day of it and headed to Pittsburgh in the morning. We saw Harry Potter at an IMax theater (the first 20 minutes were in 3-D - wow!), then headed over towards the stadium for some pre-game tailgating.

We ate at Cafe Milano in the cultural district - a delicious calzone and Yuengling on special - perfect! We had a drink at Jerome Bettis's bar and enjoyed people watching and hearing nothing but football talk all around.

The Steelers won (I know it's preseason and doesn't count - but I hate to lose, so a win is a win in my book) and 1st round draft pick Ziggy Hood looked pretty good!

On Friday, after we were both finished with work, we walked down the road to "The Wit's End" and checked out the comedy club that is every Friday night with some friends - funny! We think this might just become a semi-regular Friday night thing to do.

Yesterday, we packed the hammock, dog, picnic basket, and some charcoal into the car and headed up the road to my step-dad's land along the Cheat River. We spent the day lounging in the river and by the fire. It was Kali's first time in water that was too deep for her to stand in, at first she wasn't sure, but with some prompting (and promises of treats) she waded out to where I was and swam! We got so excited it startled her and she headed for shore - poor pup. She did try again later and really seemed to get the hang of it.

We can't wait to go back - this might just become a semi-regular Saturday afternoon thing to do.

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